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  1. Hotel Interior Design

    March 13, 2014 by admin

    A good interior is one of the key factors in attracting customer to any hotel business. With many hotels boasting high quality facilities and service a unique and creative interior design could be a deciding factor as to whether people choose to stay in your establishment. Creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is essential for making sure people get the best experience out of their visit. It’s important to design your rooms to suit different peoples personalities and provide everyone staying the best experience possible! Let’s have a look at some of  the components to make an attractive hotel interior:


    Invest in quality:

    If you can afford it, buy the best quality beds and furnishings. These will last longer and provide more comfort and luxury for guests staying in your rooms. Guests will be more likely to make repeat visits if you provide them with quality they wouldn’t normally have at home.

    Keys to comfort:

    Providing a big comfortable bed and chairs are the first steps in furnishing your room, however there are a few less obvious factors we need to consider. Review the room’s acoustics, ventilation and system controls. If possible, add extra insulation between walls, install upgraded carpet pad, add fabric walls with padded upholstered wall panels or on the headboard.


    Hotel rooms often take a relatively small space and create a flexible area for multiple activities. After predicting what activities people visiting your hotel will partake in you can create areas for sleeping, reading, working and eating. As long as you plan your space accordingly you can design this environment with any size room.


    When creating your hotels interior you want to provide stylish furniture which will enhance your room.  Chairs, dressing tables and wardrobes should all complement your room’s design and provide some added luxury for your guests as well as ample storage space for their belongings.


    Your bedroom lighting is really important. Look for a glamorous chandelier pendant or invest in eye-catching bedside lamps. These features should add to the ambiance of the room and improve the atmosphere for your guests. You should also consider the effect of natural light coming into your room and how that interacts with your interior.

    Keep it Simple:

    Be careful when adding bold patterns or bright colours to your room. Keeping a neutral  or limited colour scheme will give your room that hotel chic and should appeal to everyone’s tastes. Choosing furniture and accessories in white, cream, glass, and metallic materials will also add to your rooms appeal.

    When designing your hotel fit out it’s always important to provide your guests with comfortable room which is appealing to the eye. Lastly it is important to make your room unique, Many hotel rooms feature regional art and local interest magazines so a guest feels a connection to the place they are visiting. A good interior should provide a memorable experience and an increased chance of repeat visits to your business.